Our software is off the hook

And here to handle your tickets.

Time Slotted Events

Do you have a venue, museum, zoo, exposition or amusement park with limited capacity? Do you need a safe and efficient solution to let your visitors into your location during the current Covid pandemic? Or do you want to limit the number of visitors per hour? Our module for ‘Time Slotted Events’ will help you out! Simply set-up your opening hours and maximum number of visitors per minute/hour/day and you’ll be ready to go. Our system automatically fills your calendar, based on your capacity. Sollidd offers this service without extra costs.


Time Slotted Events in a nutshell:

  • Automatically fill your calendar

  • Add exceptions for holidays or special opening hours

  • Custom designs and build into own website

  • Works on computers or smartphones

  • Multi-lingual

  • Door sale solution available

  • No extra costs or initial investment

  • Free and fast set-up

  • 24/7 Sollidd service

Dashboard & Features

The Sollidd provides the kick-ass software that makes launching any type of event easy, simple and quick. Within the software you’ll find functions like a multifunctional dashboard, various reporting tools, order section, booking options and client information.


In multifunctional dashboard various insights can be requested. Partners can setup the dashboard to their own liking with diagrams like total sales, product history, earnings, pending tickets, checked-in tickets and much more. All the requested information is shown in easy-to-read graphs, diagrams and more.


The reporting tool shows information such as check-in summary, booked orders, newsletter for clients, total tickets and deleted tickets. Need more tools? The Sollidd development team will create them as quickly as possible.


Within the order section you’ll find all placed, bought and pending orders. In the booking options you can manually send tickets. All effortlessly accessible, easy-to-use and manage.

Applications & Hardware

Through using the Sollidd software and Sollidd applications your clients will have no trouble entering your event. Scanning tickets has never been this effortless! Simple, easy and flawless.


Sollidd built their own scan applications for regular entrance and door sale. Both applications are web based and connected to the Sollidd software.

The entrance application is pre-installed on an Android smartphone and connected to an Opticon Scanner. Scanning tickets this way is: easy, fast, durable and trouble free. Even if problems arise, Sollidd provides back-up devices and back-up Wi-Fi devices to create a local internet connection.

The door sale application is pre-installed on an Android tablet and connected to an POS-case. This way cashless payment is the standard for your customers and will result in an effortless entrance for your customers.

Services & Features

Combining the kick-ass software, off the hook service, the functional dashboard, easy-to-use applications, transparant pricing and professional hardware will result in a Sollidd partnership.